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Loose leaf tea. The finest teas from around the world from tea gardens steeped in history. A chance to connect with fellow tea lovers. All at your fingertips with our new website.

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Not All Tea Leaf is Made Equal

The Long History of Tea

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There is a mind-numbing number of grades when tea masters assess tea leaves; ranging from FTGFOP for whole leaf tea to the humble dust tea. Here at The Good Tea Company, we believe the best flavour comes from whole leaf tea with minimal brokens for a good balance of price to flavour ratio. It does mean we are a bit more expensive compared to the teabags out there, but the flavour you get is uncomparable.

Tea has been around for a long time. Originating from Yunnan, the tea plant traveled across China to Japan before colonialism took these teas to countries like India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Malaysia and Indonesia. There is more to tea than just a good drink, tea connects us to a history spanning millenniums to cultures far and wide across the world.

Tea bags or loose leaf? Why not both? While we are big believers of brewing our tea in a teapot, we get that life can get busy and hectic and sometimes you just want a quick cup of tea. All of our loose leaf teas come with a biodegradable and environmentally friendly tea bags for you to fill it in when you’re on the go.



A family-run business specializing in teas from Darjeeling and Assam in India and other luxury and premium teas. The Good Tea Company was established in 2011 to sell, what else, but good tea! Having always loved a cup of tea in the afternoon, we went about to finding some of the best teas in the world. After tasting hundreds of cups of tea, we believe that we have found some of the best teas in the world at a great price range that everyone can afford to try.

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