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Slow is Good

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Growing up, one of my teachers commented to me that I was living on the fast lane. I want to get there now, and if possible, I want to get there yesterday.

Ironically, little Adlina grew up to sell tea for a living.

Tea is the antithesis of fast. It is slow, it is methodical and in the fast lane that we live in, a world of instant coffees, instant noodles, deliveries and instant gratification, it can be difficult to see why there would be any good in slowing down. You can’t make a cup of tea and down it in 3 minutes. Well, you can but I doubt it would be a good cup of tea.

A good cup of tea requires us filling up fresh cool running water from the tap into our kettle. Having my trusty teapot ready to be warmed up. Popping up the lid from my tea tin, taking in the deep aroma of my loose leaf tea. Filling up the teapot (or gaiwan) with hot water and letting the tea leaves steep, the leaves unfurl and release its tannins and complex flavour that is tea before drinking it.

Even for someone as impatient as me, I have taken time now to appreciate the methodical nature of making tea. When I brew a cup, I take time for all my sense to be activated. My eyes take in the features of tippy teas, it’s beautiful green and golden hue. I smell the chocolatey aroma of the assam, or the flowery nature of Darjeeling. I feel the hot ceramic cup in my hands as I pick it up to sit. The flavour of a grassy sencha or the citrusy Earl Grey.

If this sounds familiar to you, it is! This is mindfulness for tea, allowing my racy mind to stay still and be present. To allow my worries to melt away as I take time for myself. That time for myself is important as it allows me to be present. As much as it takes time to do, the rewards are far greater than just a great cup of tea. I am present. I am here. I am alive.

So. Slow is good.

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