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It's my Party, and I'll have tea if I want to.

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

It is September and after many, many, many months of being outdoors - many of us are tentatively taking our first steps into the greater outdoors where we will be meeting other humans than the ones in our home.

For me, it is time to start daydreaming about tea parties.

Is there anything better than the afternoon high tea? A tower of flaky pastries, sweet cakes and savoury little sandwiches cut in precise triangles ready for a show. Warm, tender scones served with strawberry jam and lashings of clotted cream.

And of course, the tea. Served in a porcelain teapot, freshly brewed from loose leaf.

One of the questions that we often get from our clients is which tea? And then sometimes you go to a nice fancy restaurant that serves high-tea, and they open to you a menu filled with names of tea that is enough to make your eyes glaze over and keel over in a soporific state.

So which tea? Fret not, for this is what The Good Tea Company is for!

My recommendations come with a caveat obviously. This is my personal preference - if you like green teas, oolongs, flower blends, herbal teas with your High Teas, by all means, do have that. You too can write an essay informing me how uneducated I am - I'll just be sipping on my tea and judging you too.

My recommendation? Go all in with the black teas.

This isn't the time and place for fancy, flowery blends. Most afternoon high teas will be very rich, with lots of sweets, butter and cream. I'm looking for something to cut through for all the richness, something to complement rather than distract or pale in comparison. White teas and green teas will be overpowered - chances are you won't be able to taste the nuances of any the complex flavours that these teas have. Herbal teas can distract, their flavours may jar against a cream cake. You want a heavy hitter here - something that can stand up to brownies, not be overpowered by them.

The other thing about black teas is that it's versatile. You want a bit of sugar, sure! A splash of milk? By all means. A slice of lemon - that would be lovely. Plain black tea - of course. It's a partner in crime for afternoon tea.

My can't go wrong teas recommendations for a tea party:

Price range ($)

Price range ($$)

Assam Halmari Single Estate

Darjeeling Thurbo Single Estate

The exception to the rule: Darjeeling Earl Grey.

While I generally disagree with any flavoured teas being able to stand its ground in a tea party I do however, tip my hat to Earl Greys. A black tea scented with bergamot - it's citrusy and perfumed flavour is a favourite amongst many. However, I do find Earl Grey a take it or leave it sort of flavour with some. Some people are willing to fight to the death for Earl Grey. Some would rather die than drink Earl Grey. Your mileage may vary as they say.

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