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Tea Subscriptions & Travel Kit

When I was a kid, when we got to a hotel - one of the things that drove me crazy as a kid, crazy as in crazy good were the little tea and coffee sachets that you get at the hotel.

It drove my parents nuts when I would grab them and play with them when they were ready for tea.

However as an adult now, while the tea and coffee sachets are cute - they aren't exactly what I want to drink. Perhaps I am becoming more picky as an adult - for some things in life, I am not exactly willing to settle.

But I still want the sachets, the cute convenience of little sachets in a box.

So we're introducing our "Travel Kit" - within this month, all our loose leaf teas can be ordered in a Travel Kit form. Inside each kit, will be a sachet that is enough for one cup of tea. Just pour the contents into our corn-based empty tea bags and you have the convenience of the tea bag with a quality loose leaf instead. Each box is enough to make 12 cups of tea.

The other fun thing that we want to share with you? This is how our subscription boxes will look like too - dropping on the 20th October, you can order a variety of teas in our travel kit for a period of 3 months or 6 months.

Each subscription will make have 3 different types teas and each box will make 12 cups of tea. It comes with a beautiful art postcard and 12 empty tea bags for your convenience.

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